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Surfbreak Protection Society

Surfbreak Protection Society

Surfbreak Protection Society is a Society dedicated to the conservation of the "treasures" of the New Zealand Surfing Community - our surfbreaks - through the preservation of their natural characteristics, water quality, marine eco systems and low impact access for all. We strive to be Aotearoa's Kaitiaki "Guardians - Trustees" of our surfbreaks and the natural environments that compliment them.
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Duke Kahanamoku presented with a korowai by Tureiti Te Heuheu Tukino V  paramount chief of Ngati Tuwharetoa

Duke Kahanahamoku – Our Nation Celebrating 100 years since.

“Where is this Honolulu Maori you call Hawaiian?” Are the words that paramount chief Tureiti Te Heuheu Tukino V of Ngati Tuwharetoa spoke as he made his way through the crowd seeking the Olympic gold medalist giving his surfing demonstration at Lyall Bay …

SPS Airport Extension Submission

Proposed Airport Extension in Lyall Bay

Lyall Bay is a heritage site for New Zealand surfing, where in 1915 Hawaii’s Duke Kahanamoku demonstrated the sport of kings. 100 years on, what effects will the WIAL airport extension have on the Bay for surfing? Read our submission here …


Surfbreak legal protection and planning

New Zealand is recognised as the first country in the world to incorporate surfbreak preservation concepts within its legal and planning framework. The intention of this page is to discuss and link all available literature to do with surfbreaks in …


Aramoana – Whareakeake

19th December 2013 SPS is happy to have found mutual understanding with Port Otago Ltd and its shareholder Otago regional Council over the best practice to avoid adverse effects on Aramoana Spit and Whareakake surfbreaks from the depositing of  dredge …


Auckland Region

Auckland region (which is the consolidation of Auckland regional Council, Auckland City, North Shore City, Rodney City, Manukau City, etc) is looking to establish it’s long term Unitary Plan, of which the regions Coastal Plan will form part. Auckland region …

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  • Latest News
    • Aug 7, 2016

      Revelations emerged last week that Wellington International Airport Ltd (WIAL) has been responsible for alterations to the Moa Point Rd sea wall in Lyall Bay, Wellington. Michael Gunson, Research Officer at Surfbreak Protection Society (SPS) and long-time Wellington surfer, is asking why has the airport been in charge of developing the Moa Point Road sea wall, and not the Wellington City Council? The incremental creep of the sea wall has had a negative impact on Wellington’s premier Lyall Bay Corner surf break, WIAL are also applying for consents to build a 3 meter wide promenade the length of Moa Point Rd, as well as seeking the “Corner surf break’s deletion, from a GWRC schedule of regionally significant surf breaks.

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    • Jul 30, 2016

      The Corner surf break will be gone by Lunchtime, should the airport consent applications be successful. Points for your submission on the Proposed Wellington airport extension and Submerged Wave Focussing Structure can be found here as well as links to fill in your submission online. Wellington surfers must object to any further development of Moa Point Road Sea Wall to facilitate an extended promenade for cycling and walking, and overall sub standard mitigation for surfing that will not work

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    • May 1, 2016

      Wgtn Airport Extension Project “A Leap Of Faith” For Lyall Bay’s Surfers
      The Surfbreak Protection Society (SPS) is very concerned that Wellington International Airport Ltd is attempting to railroad through its runway extension by way of the Environment Court, as it has not yet made its arguments through articulated science-based debate.
      In March, SPS questioned the sincerity of WIAL’s proposed mitigation of a swell focusing reef, while at the same time, the airport company were seeking the deletion of policies that protect surf breaks, by way of WIAL’s submission to the Greater Wellington Regional Councils Proposed Natural Resources Plan (PNRP).

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    • Mar 16, 2016

      WIAL is seeking the removal of Lyall Bay’s Corner surf break from the Greater Wellington Regional Council’s proposed schedule of protected surf breaks in its submission to The Proposed Natural Resources Plan (PNRP).
      Not only that, WIAL are seeking deletion of the specific policy (Policy P51) that directs councils and developers to protect all of the Wellington Regional surf breaks as listed in Schedule K Significant Surf Breaks.

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    • Oct 16, 2015

      This month-
      Tauranga – Mount: Dredging Versus Natural Processes, What’s Going On?
      SPS are seeking to engage Port Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty Regional Council for a robust monitoring system to separate natural processes from those of the Port as to protect and enhance the surfbreaks of the Mount and Matakana

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    • Aug 21, 2015

      The Surfbreak Protection Society’s 2015 Annual General Meeting is to be held at De Post Belgian Beer Café , 466 Mt Eden Road, Mt Eden, Auckland on the 19th of September please ensure your menmbership is up to date, and please invite your friends to join!

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