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Surfbreak Protection Society

Surfbreak Protection Society is a Society dedicated to the conservation of the "treasures" of the New Zealand Surfing Community - our surfbreaks - through the preservation of their natural characteristics, water quality, marine eco systems and low impact access for all. We strive to be Aotearoa's Kaitiaki "Guardians - Trustees" of our surfbreaks and the natural environments that compliment them.
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 Classic Surf Break Mangamaunu At risk Mangamaunu,  A hot right hand point break in Kaikoura is now at the mercy of the next big storm event that hits this coastline, due to the  North Canterbury Transport Infrastructure Recovery (NCTIR ) consortium …

Duke Kahanamoku presented with a korowai by Tureiti Te Heuheu Tukino V  paramount chief of Ngati Tuwharetoa

Duke Kahanahamoku – Our Nation Celebrating 100 years since.

“Where is this Honolulu Maori you call Hawaiian?” Are the words that paramount chief Tureiti Te Heuheu Tukino V of Ngati Tuwharetoa spoke as he made his way through the crowd seeking the Olympic gold medalist giving his surfing demonstration at Lyall Bay …

SPS Airport Extension Submission

Proposed Airport Extension in Lyall Bay

Lyall Bay is a heritage site for New Zealand surfing, where in 1915 Hawaii’s Duke Kahanamoku demonstrated the sport of kings. 100 years on, what effects will the WIAL airport extension have on the Bay for surfing? Read our submission here …


Surfbreak legal protection and planning

New Zealand is recognised as the first country in the world to incorporate surfbreak preservation concepts within its legal and planning framework. The intention of this page is to discuss and link all available literature to do with surfbreaks in …


Aramoana – Whareakeake

19th December 2013 SPS is happy to have found mutual understanding with Port Otago Ltd and its shareholder Otago regional Council over the best practice to avoid adverse effects on Aramoana Spit and Whareakake surfbreaks from the depositing of  dredge …

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    • Dec 20, 2017

      The Surfbreak Protection Society is relieved to withdraw our appeal opposing the Lyttelton Port Company’s consent application for disposal of Dredge material some four Kilometers offshore from Taylors Mistake and Christchurch surf breaks at Sumner and further North towards New Brighton. We now have monitoring in place to ensure any adverse effects from the disposal can be adequately addressed should adverse effects occur.

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    • Dec 1, 2017

      SPS has written to Waikato Regional Council, the Minister of Conservation and other parties alerting the agencies to the instability of the Whangamata bar and estuary caused by the near monthly dredging of the Moana anu anu Confluence in order to provide all tide access to the marina built in 2008 – 2010.

      The Whangamata Bar is listed in schedule one of the New Zealand Coastal Policy Statement, where all adverse effects on the 17 listed surf breaks must be avoided.

      SPS assert that it is not appropriate for Waikato Regional Council to invoke plausible deniability while at the same time discouraging any further science to better understand the coastal processes of the Whangamata estuary and world famous surf break on the ebb tide delta.

      The Whangamata marina society originally misled the Crown at the Environment Court as to the amounts required to be dredged, and when the society were granted the construction consents, the society then gained new non notified consents from WRC for amounts 3 times greater than was originally accepted by the Environment Court.

      In 2012 SPS leveraged a dredging consent review from WRC due to the poor surfing wave quality on the bar soon after every dredge, The Bar never gets a chance to repair itself, as with every lunar cycle, a new dredge on the spring tide takes place.

      Incredibly, during the consent review WRC turned around and granted the marina society a new consent for a Lift and Drift method without accurate measure of what has been dredged, and without any monitoring conditions what so ever on the Whangamata Bar.

      Since 2013 SPS has conducted its own monitoring of the Whangamata ebb tide delta, and over the five years since the flawed WRC consent review, SPS have found a clear linkage between dredging events and the significant adverse effects on surf quality on the Whangamata Bar.

      With this letter WRC are now on notice to conduct their statutory obligations under the New Zealand Coastal Policy Statement 2010.

      WRC and its officers, the Thames Coromandel District Council, and the Whangamata Marina society all have a duty under section 17 of the RMA. Every person has a duty to avoid, remedy, or mitigate any adverse effect on the environment arising from an activity carried on by, or on behalf of the person…

      Our letter has put the above parties on notice and SPS expect that Policy 16 of the NZCPS will be upheld.

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    • Aug 14, 2017

      The Surfbreak Protection Society (SPS) has lodged an appeal against the Lyttelton Port of Christchurch Ltd (LPC ) capital dredging consents that would see up to 18 million cubic meters of sediment dredged from the shipping channel and placed in the swell corridors of Christchurch City’s surf breaks Taylors Mistake, Sumner Bar, Sumner and New Brighton, and cumulatively some 900,000 cubic meters of maintenance dredgings annually.

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    • Feb 8, 2017

      Press release: Another contaminated storm water overflow event at Lyall Bay, and Wellington City Council’s advice is:

      “Generally speaking 48 hours after heavy rainfall it’s usually wise to avoid swimming in the harbour or swimming around the south coast.”

      This is simply not good enough! In 2010 Wellington City Council gave us a promise that they prioritise works to resolve this unpleasant situation for beach goers. It seams that now the priority is a generous donation of more than $90 million to Infratil shareholders to build an airport extension that will do further harm to Lyall Bay’s surfbreaks. SPS are requesting Greater Wellington Regional Council review the consents granted in 2011 to allow WCC to continue discharges for another ten years in light of the consents are in breach of the New Zealand Coastal policy Statement 2010 in regard to the use and enjoyment of surf breaks

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    • Nov 21, 2016

      The Surfbreak Protection Society is urging other Wellington surfers who made submissions on the proposed extension to file their form under section 274 stating they would like to appear in the Environment Court and speak to their submissions. If you have not made a submission, SPS will consider tabling a witnessed affidavit to the Court on your behalf..

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    • Sep 30, 2016

      SPS has put three questions to the 40 mayoral and council candidates regarding WIAL’s all out assault on the Corner surf break and whether or not they support WIAL seeking the Corner’s removal for the sake of their seawall and extension. The questions we put were:

      1. WIAL are seeking to remove the Corner surf break from the proposed Natural Resources Plan so they can build a new seawall and promenade along Moa Point Rd. WIAL will need the support of WCC. If elected, will you support the removal of the Corner surf break for this project?

      2.Do you think it for the public good that Lyall Bay should suffer degraded surfing conditions, the demise of the Corner and Airport Rights surf breaks, for the sake of an airport extension and new promenade?

      3. Do you think WIAL should be obligated to rectify the damage to the Corner’s surfing wave quality, that they have caused over the last six to fifteen years?

      So far we have had 13 candidates respond

      If candidates do not respond by Sunday 1st of October SPS will take that as a “no comment”

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