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How we started – Our beginnings

Increasing coastal development all over NZ is beginning to impinge on surfbreaks. Surfbreak Protection is an incorporated society, managed by an elected committee of 8 which meets four times a year in different locations around the country. We aim to provide support for local campaigns where they meet the objectives of the society.

How we started

Surfing and surfbreaks don’t yet have adequate recognition in local by-laws and coastal policies. There is a real danger that if we don’t act now, the rights we take for granted in accessing surfbreaks, may be diminished further in the future, especially in prime spots where there are competing interests. Some developments like marinas or large scale coastal engineering are irreversible, others like deteriorating water quality take years to develop and a long time to put right.

The organisation has grown rapidly and now in its 3rd year is already looking back on an impressive record of activity. In 2007 we appealed, jointly with Clean Water Whangmata, to the Environment Court to have the Whangamata wastewater treatment plant improved and won major concessions. The new treatment standards will now apply to all the wastewater plants on the Coromandel. Then there was Benson Pope’s approval of the Whangamata Marina. Although that decision was a huge disappointment, the lobbying by surfers resulted in acknowledgment of the existence of Whangamata Bar and the added condition that the Bar needs to be monitored for any adverse effects caused by the marina construction. In 2008 Surfbreak Protection supported the Taranaki surfing community seeking protection of all Taranaki’s surfbreaks, resulting in their inclusion in the Taranaki Regional Policy Statement. Surfbreak’s submission to the National Coastal Policy Statement review in 2008 resulted in the inclusion of “Policy 20” for the protectio of surfbreaks in the draft policy.

Current issues and campaigns can be found on this website. Surfbreak Protection will be lobbying local and central government agencies to get them to sharpen up their act and recognize surfing as a real and powerful beach user group.

Surf Break Protection needs you. As a member of Surfbreak Protection Society you will have a voice in the battles ahead to save our surf. You can help by joining us. See the ‘join us’ tab on our homepage. Make sure your voice is heard.

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