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Surfbreak Protection Society
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Increasingly at Surfbreak Protection Society we rely on the New Zealand surfing community to get behind our efforts in protecting surfbreaks at risk. The best way you can do this is by joining us, it’s only $12 a year.

Joining Us

We operate as a society which means we are a ‘not for profit’ organisation relying entirely on the voluntary labour and monetary contributions of those who join us on our mission. By joining Surfbreak Protection Society as a financial member you are contributing in a very real sense to the protection of our coastline and its many great surfbreaks.

We have an online shopping  cart system where you can use paypal or credit card to purchase membership, Tee Shirts, or make a donation to SPS or the Whangamata Bar camera project.

Click here for our membership and donations, via paypal or credit card.

Alternatively you can use  banking, online or physically.

When banking, please state your surname in the reference field, then send an email to with your full name, your address and a contact phone number and the amount banked and for items purchased (e.g. membership, tee shirt size and colour , donation or Whangamata Bar cam donation)

The SPS Kiwibank account no is :


You may also send a cheque to :

The Surfbreak Protection Society Inc.

PO Box 20717,

Glen Eden,



and remember – Surfbreak is registered with the charities commission – donations are a tax deductible expense.

Look at the two dolphins rushing to join up. They can see the benefits.

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