Surfbreak Protection Society
Surfbreak Protection Society
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  • Paul Shanks, President
  • Allen Pidwell, Vice President
  • Mike Gunson
  • David Storck
  • Michael (Malibu) Hamilton

Paul Shanks, President

The Shanks name is synonymous with New Zealand surfing. Paul hails from Whangamata where he has been a leader in the fight to save the famous Whanga Bar as a result of the new Marina being built.

Started surfing early 60’s at Whangamata (where the family bach was) and growing up in west Auckland the local surfbreaks were Piha and Karekare. Started working in the surfboard industry for Brian at Weaver surfboards in the late 60’s. The first surfboard I ever shaped was in 1971, a 6foot 8inch rounded pin. Started own surf company in 1972, Tubecruser based in Glen Eden. Moved to Whangamata in 1975 starting Natural Balance with Kingsly Kernoski. Restarted Tubecruser in 1982. In 1998 began using new materials to make surfboards, starting Special Forces Surfboards. Surfed competively from 1969 to 1979, representing New Zealand 3 times. Won New Zealand Senior Men’s title in 1990. Coached surfing from 1990 to 2002 including winning a national scholastic teams title. Married to Jan, daughters Amber, Heidi, Samara, Surfing whanau. Drawn into the political arena in 1997 over the issues of water quality and the territorial rights of established surfbreaks. Currently President of Whangamata Boardriders and a foundation member and President of Surfbreak Protection Incorporated Society. No reira, tenea koutou, tena koutou katoa.

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