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An impassioned plea from a Hawkes Bay surfer
28 Sep 10

All of us Hawkes Bay surfers need to seriously get our act together and start an active campaign to safeguard our break at City Reef (Napier) otherwise it will join Harding Road as yet another stuffed historical surf spot. Harding Road was a wonderful point break back in the sixties prior to the harbour breakwater extension. Nowadays it rarely works, and when it does, it is generally very small and gutless. City Reef could go the same way!

All Hawkes Bay surfers should be extremely concerned about the proposed design of the breakwater planned for City Reef. We should all be concerned about the impact on wave quality and the loss of a relatively sheltered surf break. The number of surf spots located along the length of the coastline from Waipatiki Beach in the north to Cape Kidnappers in the south is extremely limited. The loss or degradation of a break impacts on those other breaks, crowd wise. Surf spots cannot be replaced and Hawkes Bay cannot afford to lose another.

City Reef caters for surfers of all levels. It is one of a mere handful of sites in the Hawkes Bay suitable for learners, shortboard and longboard riders. It is a town break! It is a break where parents can watch their kids, grand kids or grandmothers surf. It has history! It deserves to be recognised!

So as a Hawkes Bay surfer, and I know there are a swag of us, I would be very interested in knowing more about the proposed breakwater and design. No room for apathy here! Contact your local council and ask questions. Get onto it!

Listen to Marguerite’s "Save Napier’s Reef" song. Click this!


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