Surfbreak Protection Society
Surfbreak Protection Society


     Classic Surf Break Mangamaunu At risk Mangamaunu,  A hot right hand point break in Kaikoura is now at the mercy of the next big storm event that hits this coastline, due to the  North Canterbury Transport Infrastructure Recovery (NCTIR ) consortium dumping massive amounts of “slip fill” southward along the foreshore of Mangamaunu ...

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  • Duke Kahanahamoku - Our Nation Celebrating 100 years since.

    Duke Kahanahamoku - Our Nation Celebrating 100 years since.

    “Where is this Honolulu Maori you call Hawaiian?” Are the words that paramount chief Tureiti Te Heuheu Tukino V of Ngati Tuwharetoa spoke as he made his way through the crowd seeking the Olympic gold medalist giving his surfing demonstration at Lyall Bay to a crowd of thousands in 1915. After the Dukes stellar performance swimming fo...

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  • Proposed Airport Extension in Lyall Bay

    Proposed Airport Extension in Lyall Bay

    Lyall Bay is a heritage site for New Zealand surfing, where in 1915 Hawaii’s Duke Kahanamoku demonstrated the sport of kings. 100 years on, what effects will the WIAL airport extension have on the Bay for surfing? Read our submission here This page is a repository for articles relating to Wellington’s proposed 300 (350?) meter Airport ...

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  • Surfbreak legal protection and planning

    Surfbreak legal protection and planning

    New Zealand is recognised as the first country in the world to incorporate surfbreak preservation concepts within its legal and planning framework. The intention of this page is to discuss and link all available literature to do with surfbreaks in a legal and planning context. While many people’s eyes glaze over when attempting to discuss a...

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  • Aramoana - Whareakeake

    Aramoana - Whareakeake

    19th December 2013 SPS is happy to have found mutual understanding with Port Otago Ltd and its shareholder Otago regional Council over the best practice to avoid adverse effects on Aramoana Spit and Whareakake surfbreaks from the depositing of  dredge spoil at the nearshore dump sites , with our Environment Court mediation settlement. The Council...

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  • Auckland Region

    Auckland Region

    Auckland region (which is the consolidation of Auckland regional Council, Auckland City, North Shore City, Rodney City, Manukau City, etc) is looking to establish it’s long term Unitary Plan, of which the regions Coastal Plan will form part. Auckland region consists of a number of important coastal areas, and in particular a number of iconic...

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  • World Surfing Reserves

    World Surfing Reserves

    Surfbreak Protection Society (SPS) President, Paul Shanks has accepted an invitation onto the Vision Council for the World Surfing Reserves programme. His appointment to the Council is a tribute to the achievements in New Zealand towards surf break protection. Having SPS on the Vision Council establishes a voice for New Zealanders directly into...

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  • Orewa artificial reef

    Orewa artificial reef

    If consent is given (the closing date for public submissions is 27 September 2011) it is proposed that the second to most northerly pod (as marked above) be built first. This pod, consisting of 3 reef structures will be monitored (as will future pods) to see if the expected outcomes do result as hoped. Construction of consecutive reef systems wo...

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  • Surf break Protection legal & planning

     Surf break Protection legal & planning

    The intention of this campaign page is to discuss and link to all available literature to do with  surfing in a legal and planning sense. While many people’s eyes glaze over when attempting to discuss anything in a policy planning or legal context, we hope this page will help break down these barriers, check back here over the coming mont...

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  • Te Arai

    Te Arai

    Te Arai is arguably one of the few untouched slices of the east coast of northern New Zealand and the favoured surf break for many east coast surfers from the Auckland and Northlanbd regions. It is situated about 100 kms north of Auckland and neighbours the growing town of Mangawhai to the north. Te Arai is under threat. ©  www.ima...

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  • Porpoise & Curio Bays

    Porpoise & Curio Bays

    Porpoise & Curio Bays Porpoise Bay is a surfbreak situated at the south-eastern extremity of New Zealand’s South Island, in an area known as the Catlins. It is an incredibly beautiful and remote place. Porpoise Bay is under threat from a Dairy Farm proposal now before the Southland District Council. The Southland District Council and S...

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  • Mahanga Beach

    Mahanga Beach

    SPS is concerned that no consideration has been given to the surfbreaks at Mahanga, namely the Mahanga point and Beach break, directly off shore from the proposed sea wall construction. The Point and beach breaks are separated by a relatively deeper channel, which on larger swells, connect up to make an impressively long ride. ...

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  • Whangamata Bar and Marina

    Whangamata Bar and Marina

    The Whangamata Bar is one of New Zealand’s premier surfbreaks. The “Bar” is a world class sand bar surfbreak.. The “Bar” was the first surfbreak to enter New Zealand’s environmental management systems. What we know from this example is that no surfbreak in New Zealand is safe due to this precedent in New Zealand’s environment...

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    The New Zealand Coastal Policy Statement (NZCPS) is the only environmental national policy statement that is compulsory under New Zealand statute. All others are optional. A NZ Freshwater Policy Statement has also been adopted. What is exciting is that a revision of the NZCPS adopted in to legislation in December 2010 has protected a number of w...

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