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Piha_cover Appeal Cover  letter - cover
August 2017

Local surfers have been objecting to
to the over development of artificial
sand dunes over the last 15 years which has infilled the Surfers Corner – Reform and Bar. We have lost these waves where numerous National and a World have been held. Surfers are also concerned about the contaminated water flowing out on to the beach from the highly contaminated lagoon

 August 2017
SPS has appealed the Canterbury Regional Council decision to allow capital dredging spoil and maintenance dredging spoil (approximately 900,000 cubic meters per year) to be disposed within 4 kilometers off Taylors Mistake and Sumner – Christchurch beaches, without sufficient adaptive management procedures in place to protect the city’s surf breaks. – ongoing
 June 2017
Under emergency powers for the Kaikoura earthquake NCTIR are dumping up to 75,000 tonnes of slip material along the foreshore of Mangamaunu Bay within the coastal hazard zone, without the need to notify the public. NCTIR appear to be unaware of this Nationally listed surf break. SPS are striving to protect this iconic surf break.
 Evidence Cover  Te_ARAI_COVER  Freshwater submission COVER
 June 2017.
Our evidence to the Greater Wellington Regional Council Proposed Natural Resources Plan Hearing. The Wellington Airport Company are seeking to have the Corner surf break deleted from the plan’s schedule of regionally protected surf breaks. This would mean that the Airport company would not have to consider negative impacts on the Corner as they continue to modify the Moa Point Road seawall. SPS continue to lobby for the protection of the Corner… – ongoing
April 2016

SPS joined the local community in safeguarding access to this pristine coastline just North of Auckland. The developers are seeking to discourage access to the beach to the exclusivity of several new beachfront properties – ongoing

 SPS Submission on Clean Water 2017. The use and enjoyment of surf breaks is protected under the NZCPS, yet this is not enforced for some 479 identified N.Z. surf breaks. Wherever a surf break occurs at or near, a river mouth, it is the responsibility of councils to ensure clean water…
WIAL sub cover Evidence_cover SPS vs POL
SPS submission opposing the WIAL Airport
extension and swell focus reef consent
In 2016 SPS supported Bay of Plenty Regional Council by way of a 274 to the appeal from Te Tumu Landowners Group (TTLG) to the BOP regional coastal plan.
TTLG were seeking to delete the Kaitunu Cut Surf break from the plan’s schedule of regionally significant surf breaks . The Kaitunu Cut has been earmarked  by developers for a waterways development – including a marina attached to a 32,000 lot subdivision.  With the exchange of evidence TTLG dropped the appeal
Surfbreak Protection Society vs
Otago Regional Council(Port Otago)
Env Court mediated settlement.
Outcome: Real time monitoring of Nationally Significant surf breaks with robust adaptive management plan in place to actively avoid potential adverse effects.
Matt thesis Whangamata_Bar_Report_cover NZCPS 2010
Matt Skellern et al guide to surf break management
in the N.Z.  legal – planning framework.
The Late Matt Skellern was a dedicated surfer, instrumental
to our successful submission
to the New Zealand Coastal Policy Statement for the inclusion of Surf breaks. SPS is dedicated to continuing Matt’s legacy.
The SPS report on impacts of Maintenance
dredging on the Whangamata Bar
 The NZCPS incorporates specific policy for the protection of surf breaks(policy 16), a schedule of 17 nationally significant surf breaks that may be added to over time, and  direction to Regional and District Councils to identify and map regionally significant surf breaks under policies 13,14, 15, 16, and 21(water quality) .

SPS led the charge with its successful submission to the Board of Inquiry for the NZCPS 2010.

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