Surfbreak Protection Society
Surfbreak Protection Society
  • SPS Membership – 1st April to 31st March

    SPS Membership – 1st April to 31st March


    If you really want to get behind us and give us your support, then become a full paid-up member.

    Membership is annual and runs from April to March each year. The current annual membership fee is NZ$12 per annum per person.

    Every member gives SPS a voice when we go into bat with councils, government and in court cases.

    Members receive regular email news updates on what is happening, keeping you posted, plus we have a special 'member only' area on the website where members can access Surfbreak related Resources (such as submissions, planning documents, etc).

    If you prefer to pay by online banking our kiwibank account is:38-9005-0708949-00
    Please put your name in the reference field and email with your name, address, and contact details.
    Or you can simply follow our shopping cart facility, - paypal  also provides a credit card option

    JOIN NOW - membership runs from 1st of April until 31st March


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  • SPS Donations

    SPS Donations


    By making a donation to the Surfbreak Protection Society you are making a direct financial contribution to the protection of our coastline and its many iconic Surfbreaks.

    Over the next few years our focus is very much on protecting regional surfbreaks and establishing monitoring capabilities for many of the nationally protected breaks (as listed under the NZCPS 2010).

    We are NZ registered charity - For every donation received, we will send you a donation receipt which you can use for a New Zealand tax deduction (make sure you include your email in the transaction form).

    You can donate any amount into the $ box, people typically donate between $20 and $50, but whatever you are able to donate to us will be hugely appreciated.

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  • SPS T-Shirts

    SPS T-Shirts

    Top quality T-shirts with stand out NZ surfing design for only NZ$25 plus NZ$5 postage (note: we can only send within NZ, email us if you want information about posting internationally).

    T-shirts, available in S M L XL and XXL sizes - mainly black colour (but there a few remaining green, blue and charcoal colours of different sizes- when you add product to the Shopping Cart it will tell you whether we have stock, otherwise contact us. Thanks

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  • Whanga Bar Project

    Whanga Bar Project

    The Whanga Bar wave has deteriorated over the least few years, since dredging for the Whanga Marina began

    Whanga surfers have decided to do something about it - Read the Background Story

    In order to effectively monitor and gather scientific evidence, Surfbreak Protection will set up a scientific survey method using time-lapse cameras that will enable the measurement of the wave breaking conditions on the Bar. It would be a first in New Zealand.

    The cost of purchasing and installing the camera, laptop, internet and solar power is NZ$6,000 with ongoing costs of $1,500 every 6 months to analyse the data and maintain the equip - total of $10,000.

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