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Nationally Significant Surfbreaks Now Protected By Law
20 Nov 10
With the launch of the NZCPS (New Zealand Coastal Policy Statement) and specific inclusion of 19 surfbreaks, we ask the question what does this protection mean? The Whanga Bar is a good case in point right now. See below for all the breaks included. Criteria was argued based on the Wavetrack Guide where those breaks awarded 10s were chosen along with Papas because of it’s uniqueness as a ‘big wave’ spot

What are the nationally significant surf breaks and how were they chosen?

This policy attracted significant interest and the list was developed by the Board of Inquiry after taking submissions from national surfing organisations such as Surfbreak Protection Society and individual surfers, as well as related environmental
evidence. The surf breaks listed come from seven regions:

The 19 surf breaks included are;

Otago: The Spit, Karitane, Whareakeake (Murdering Bay), Papatowai;
Kaikoura: Mangamaunu, Meatworks;
Taranaki: Stent Road breaks, Waiwhakaiho;
Gisborne: Makorori Point, Wainui breaks, The Island;
Raglan: Manu Bay, Whale Bay, Indicators;
Coromandel: Whangamata Bar;
Northland: Peaks (Shipwreck Bay, Super tubes, Mukie 1&2).

The NZCPS legislation comes in to effect on 3 December 2010. From then we will be focused to ensure that the protection is adhered to and that regional councils reflect the NZCPS in their regional and district plans – as they are supposed to do.

Some councils are taking a pro-active approach, most notably the Taranaki District Council that is well ahead of the game even before the legislation was confirmed.

Click here to see the whole public release made.

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