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Piha reform (ditch) gone it seems
28 Jun 10
Recent comments by West Coast surfers near Auckland suggest that the popular Piha reform (ditch) has almost completely disappeared. The local community is working on this issue but this popular beach seems to have lost one of it’s more colourful breaks.

The Piha reform, at the southern corner of South Piha Beach has for decades been popular with the local and Auckland surfing communities for it’s showing at full tide and particularly for giving us a rideable wave in otherwise maxed out conditions.

There has been much debate, particularly in the last ten years, about the management of sand, particularly at South Piha. The debate is based on whether man made influences (eg. sand dunes and the artificial creek) have been responsible for the reduction in recyled sand ending up in the right areas to maintain or enhance the surfing banks and Bar at South Piha.

Let’s hope a blend of Local Council and Piha surfing community initiatives can come up with a solution to bring the previous South Piha quality back to life.


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