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SurfBreak Protection Grant announced
06 Nov 10
Annual Surfbreak Protection Grant announced. A SurfBreak Protection Grant has been announced by the SurfBreak Protection Society to provide assistance to those involved in undertaking research / education that support the objectives of the SurfBreak Protection Society in New Zealand.

Over the last 5 years a number of people have made significant contributions to the protection of New Zealand’s surfing breaks, whether through research or in the provision of education, without any financial help.

In order to recognise the contributions being made, the Surfbreak Protection Society is providing an annual grant, called the SurfBreak Protection Grant.

The Grant will be available for application by students, educators, scientists and people who want to make a significant contribution to the conservation of the "treasures" of the New Zealand Surfing Community – our surf breaks – through the preservation of their natural characteristics, water quality, marine eco systems and low impact access for all.

Applications for the Grant will be open between 1st September and 30th November each year, and the successful recipient will receive a Grant of $250 that can be used towards related expenses.

An application form for the Surfbreak Protection Grant can be found on the Surfbreak Protection Grant campaign under the "Campaigns" tab on this website.

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