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Surfbreak submits on RMA amendment bill
04 Apr 09
Surfbreak Protection has some concerns about, and is opposed to aspects of the Resource Management Amendment (simplifying & streamlining) Bill. Surfbreak does also support some aspects of the Bill.

In SPS’s submission many of the changes suggested to be made by the Bill are in reality aimed at curtailing public participation in order to promote development at the expense of the community and environment as a whole. Public participation is fundamental to achieving the purpose of the Act (RMA).

The act is the pivotal legislation that controls activities and developments that impact on the natural and physical resources and the environment as a whole. Central to the Act’s purpose is how those natural and physical resources are developed, protected and sustainably managed for the forseeable needs of future generations and provide for their social, economic and cultural wellbeing.

If human kind is not careful, unchecked residential development on our coastline will leave us with little to speak of in terms of the best natural characteristics, many of which have surfbreaks located at them. Surfing may become a mostly urban based activity, something we need to think about! The amenity value of surfing (and other recreational pursuits) of remote or wilderness areas should be protected for all of us to enjoy.

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