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Taranaki Region activity update

The local surfers and Surfbreak Protection have been working with the New Plymouth District Council during the lead-up to their upgrade of the Waiwhakaiho Waste-Water Treatment station and are now comfortable with the process. As everyone feels happier now that the process is being managed well.

While there will be an eight month period where only 30 – 50% of the sewerage will be screened and thrice disinfected (missing the biological treatment), the end result will be no more sewerage discharged at the Waitara Breaks (it is being piped to New Plymouth) and with the markedly increased capacity of the plant much fewer emergency discharges into the Waiwhakaiho River.

The NPDC is also upgrading the Te Henui pumping station (at East end) so there will be little chance of an overflow from there.

Both the Opunake and New Plymouth Clubs gave good support to Dave Rastovich and the team from KASM during the epic paddle from Cape Egmont to Piha.

We continue to monitor the Turk’s riparian planting programme which is being sped up to complete the protection of all waterways by 2020.

The old rubbish dump is collapsing into the sea with plastic, bottles insulators engines and car bodies being exposed by the wave action. Also the top of the dump has broken away from the original cliff allowing the rain to penetrate. Photos have been sent to the TRC as it seems there is little doubt the old non-complying dump is collapsing into the sea and all the rubbish will end up on both The Bay, Sky Williams and Mangahume.

We have contacted the TRC to also take a look, as this dump was non-complying by today’s standards and had been closed before the RMA came into force, regardless we will be closely monitoring the site.

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